Polytechnic Homework

Hi guys!


First of all, let me apologize for such a long absence. I planned to post over Christmas break, but life got in the way. I’m not saying that to sound cheesy, it actually happened that way!

But I’m posting for a very special reason tonight: a project for a class! Let me explain.. My Healthy American Cuisine course, HRT 255, required the following:

“Based on the items you take during the in class Farmer’s Market you are to create and prepare a healthy menu item.”

Yes, our professor set up a farmer’s market for my class to “shop” from and pick out our ingredients. That’s college for you! We picked out

-Yellow squash


-Red pepper



-Various berries (blue, rasp, and black)


So my partner Nick and I got together and decided to make a meal of…

Mediterranean flatbread and Greek berry dessert! Mediterranean cuisine is known for being some of the healthiest in the world for its’ use of olive oil, fruits, veggies, and grains in a way that is satisfying and tasty! Also, it’s my favorite type of food as regular followers know.

To make these items, we used the above ingredients and in addition used:

Pizza dough (I used a canned dough – college has made me lazy, huh!)

2 tbsp olive oil

1 c vanilla flavored Greek yogurt

First things first! Get that pizza started. Get your pan preheated –


And lay out the dough – 



Oops – you got a glimpse of my dorm room. That’s embarrassing…

Next, put your olive oil on the base of the dough and begin to pretty your pizza –


I went with the arugula first, and the yellow squash next –


Continually cutting your ingredients as you go –


And dressing it, too –


Finish up with the red pepper and avocado –



Now that it’s all dressed up, take it somewhere to go! The oven! Our dough required 400 degrees – 


Let that cook – it took us about 20 minutes with the level of adequacy from the dorm oven. 

Meanwhile, we made our delicious dessert! We took our farm fresh berries and Greek yogurt –


And simply mixed them up! Served with a flatbread like this, a refreshing dessert helps to keep the meal light – typical to Mediterranean cuisine. Look at how pretty it is – 


And just in time, the flatbread is done! See?


Nick is over the moon about it. And he should be. Look!


Ta da! Our flatbread is a llllll done! And ready to enjoy with our simple, yet satisfying, dessert. 

I would say picking these items came from a favoritism to the Greek-style cuisine that could be created from them. We both have a liking for these region of the world and it’s foods, which played a role in our selection of the ingredients. 

What we learned and took away from this assignment is to be prepared to run into difficulties and unexpected roadblocks when creating a meal. No matter the size of the meal or for whom you’re cooking, these issues can arise and derail the entire operation. We found this was a good learning experience, especially when dealing with the ovens in the dorms. Oh, to be in college!

I’m sorry again my absence was so long, and this was only a special appearance. But look for me in the summertime – I’ll be back at home and cooking almost everyday for your entertainment!




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