Sweet grillin’


So this past week, my sister and I got the opportunity to go to the “Best of the West Rib Cook-Off” in Sparks, NV. It was an amazing festival of food where barbecue stands were set up from restaurants around the country (even one from Australia!) compete for the title of “Best in the West.” We feasted on some great ribs, fire roasted corn, and this tasty treat –



Deep fried peach slices! Topped with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar, this dessert was fabulous! It was a fantastic use of the sweet and tangy peach flavor.

Some people aren’t aware of the popularity of cooking peaches in non-traditional ways. For example, deep frying or grilling. That’s what inspired today’s lunch, which was…

Grilled peach, arugula, and goat cheese flatbread! I was grocery shopping today and stumbled across a wonderful bag of peaches at a discounted price. And all the peaches were perfect! Since I was still daydreaming of that dessert on Monday, I decided this was the lunch for me. Here’s what you’ll need:

3 peaches, sliced (honestly, I just ate 1 1/2 of them in slices. You’ll ideally need 1-2)

1 c arugula

1 tbsp olive oil

Goat cheese

1 package naan



Start with your peaches, and just admire them –



Aren’t they pretty? Sigh…

Now wash them, cut them in half, and make sure all pits are removed –



Now slice them for primal grilling – 



Perfect! Now set them aside for later. Time for assemble everything else!

Start with your naan from the package –



Next, drizzle some of the olive oil on there for initial toasting –



And pop that in an oven of some sort to get a base crisp on that crust of yours – 



I used the broil setting on my toaster oven for roughly 7 minutes and that did the trick!

Next, take it out and put your arugula on there. Now, you don’t necessarily have to put arugula on there, but for your greenery this is what I would strongly suggest because of it’s peppery taste that perfectly melds with the sweetness of the peaches. To die for!


Then, crumble your goat cheese (feta would be a perfect substitute to find that tangy element to balance the dish) onto the flatbread before a final toasting –


Now throw it in your oven one last time for a quick melt of the cheese (another 3 minutes on broil for me) –


Now the fun part… Grilling the peaches!

Because it was in the mid 90’s today as far as temperature went, I decided to forgo using my actual grill and cheated. So to the George Foreman grill we go!

I heated it up and laid my slices right on top –



The act of grilling (even Foreman grilling) a peach does something magical to it! It brings out these hidden caramelizing elements of the fruit and makes it that much sweeter. It’s fantastic!

After a few minutes I flipped them – 


Those grill makes, ahh! Beautiful. I love it!

And a few minutes later, they’re done! Now I can take them off and slice them smaller for my flatbread (my preference, you can always keep them whole) – 



I threw those on top and… I’m all done!

ImageLooky here! A gorgeous flatbread lunch!



I enjoyed my lunch with a little Coca Cola and lots of peachy deliciousness!

But with all those leftover peaches, I wonder what tomorrow will bring for me…




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