Med Breakfast


My absence of a whole week + was due to more technical difficulties on the part of my laptop this past week. I’m sorry guys!

But I’m back, and I’m proud to say that last Thursday, Aug 15, the blog received over 1,000 views! In just over two months! So for that, I say thank you to every one of you 🙂

Yes, I am still doing the Mediterranean diet, and I love it! But sometimes the meals limits themselves to lunches and dinners and I’m not okay with that. I need to start my day with it! So yesterday, I created…

A Med egg sandwich! This tasty breakfast came to me whilst making breakfast for the parentals this morning. I found several things in my fridge and knew they would perfectly come together to make a wonderful sandwich. Here’s what you’ll need:

Bread for a sandwich (I used a monster wheat bun)

1 egg

A splash of milk

Some leafy greens

1 slice goat cheese, crumbled




I started by tossing my bun in the oven to toast it up a bit –



And then I got over to my egg. Crack the egg in a small bowl and add your splash of milk. Then, whisk together with a fork –



Now heat a small pan with butter in it and when hot, pour the egg in –



Now this egg will cook as a regular omelette, and you can see the edges begin to cook and go in – 


Perfect! And once the whole thing is cooked, fold it in half twice, like so –



Boom, and –



Boom! There you go.

At this time, my bun is out of the toaster oven, and I have laid some greens on my bottom half –



And then your folded egg goes right on top –



Beautiful! And now for the good stuff, topping galore!

Now I slice the goat cheese. This rich cheese is right up there with feta as one of my favorites. I could eat it with every meal!



Then I crumble it over the egg –



And because it wouldn’t be a creation of mine without these, I add on my pepperocinis – 



Top it off and ta-da! A gorgeous fresh Med breakfast sandwich –



I had mine with a beautiful fruit salad of grapes, blueberries, and honeydew and a cup of coffee. Yum!

I’ll admit it was a bit dry, so I would suggest putting some tzatziki sauce or something similar on the bread before you begin to assemble.

Now that my technology is back to running smoothly, I’ll be sure to post more faithfully!




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