Lemony fresh


Another absence, I’m so sorry! I guess that monster mega sub took a bigger toll on me than expected!

For the past few days I’ve been feeling kinda yucky. Not too up for eating, so small meals here and there have done the trick. But today I felt better, and it was my cooking day for the clients, so a double bonus! I have also started the Mediterranean diet (which isn’t so much a diet, but a new lifestyle/eating habit to get into during this heat – lots of produce, nuts, and grains), so what better than…

Lemon Greek chicken with garlic artichoke marinade! Can’t get more Med than that, huh? Well I’ve shown you guys this marinade before, and with this preparation and sides in the meal, it’s all very Greek! Here’s what you’ll need:

6 chicken breasts

1 zucchini

1 yellow squash

4 very small bell peppers

2 small lemons

1/4 c garlic artichoke marinade

1 c uncooked orzo

Olive oil



Very few things, but a huge meal will come from it! I promise.

Start out with those veggies. Wash them and start to slice and dice.

Your summer squashes –



And your baby bell peppers –



Just beautiful colors on both parts, amiright? So brilliant!

Now place them on a baking sheet and spread them out –



Now drizzle with your best friend in the Mediterranean region, olive oil –



And then spice to your desire. This is what I used, as I often do –



Garlic salt, 21 Seasoning Salute, and basil are my staple seasonings. ALWAYS in the kitchen! 

Now pop them in the oven on a low broil on three minute intervals and check until they are cooked to your liking –



Awesome! For me, it took about 24 minutes to get them to where I wanted them. 

Now move onto the chicken. Here’s my package of breasts I bought this morning –


These were a fantastic deal at Safeway. If you’re a “Club Card Member,” they’re on sale this week for $1.99/lb and they’re HUGE! I would strongly suggest going and getting some. 

Then I cleaned up my chicken, which didn’t take long (another bonus!) and here’s my breast meat –



Now take your marinade and start to pour it on. Mine in pungent so I limit the amount I use – be careful!



And once you have your perfect amount, use a fork to spread it around to cover every nook and crany of your breasts –



Perfect! Now for the lemons to come into play – this IS Lemon Greek chicken!



Now only take one of those halves and squeeze it over all six breasts. Make sure to take out those seeds first – 



Now let that sit for about 25-30 minutes to let everything meld together nicely, especially the lemon!

While the chicken and it’s marinade get associated, get the orzo going. Start to boil your water with olive oil –



And just like regular pasta, once it’s boiling, toss it in. Orzo, while it is tiny, takes about 10 minutes to cook properly. Just make sure not to overcook it, as it will get too watery. Here’s your cooked orzo –



At this time, my veggies and orzo completed their cook time simultaneously, so I began to plate for the clients –



And plenty of room for the chicken left!

Speaking of, it’s not been enough time for the ingredients to set, and it’s time to cook! Heat your pan, with plenty of olive oil, to sear the breasts and once it’s hot, place them in there –



And now you get to use two more lemon halves to squeeze over each side of the breasts while it cooks. After a few flips and about ten minutes, here’s the progress –



Absolutely gorgeous! It’s time to take out the smaller breasts, and watch the larger ones. Once they’re all done, I finished plating –



And your last lemon half is used on top of the chicken breast. The tang is the best!

Because we had lots of all of the dish’s components, I had to make myself lunch out of it (why be wasteful?) and this was my portion –



I threw some salad on there as well, and voila! I can confidently say this is one of my favorite dishes of mine. It’s absolutely fabulous!

And now that I’m back and at it, wait until you see the Med dishes I’ve got coming your way!




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