Monster hunger calls for monster sandwiches!

Good afternoon!

I completely forgot to show you guys this on Thursday upon my first post back home, but here are the fruits and veggies we picked up at the Cal Poly Pomona Farm Store, a nifty feature on my campus! 



Just like the farmers market, but better! Everything is grown right there on campus or within a few miles of the school by alumni farmers. How cool is that?! I cannot wait to be there to use my discretionary income there for allllll the best produce!

So after my arrival home Wednesday night and my post on Thursday afternoon, I had quite the night out. I went to the Luke Bryan, Thompson Square, and Florida Georgia Line concert out at the Sleep Train Amphitheater, which was a complete blast! Here are some shots from the night.

Here’s my friends Melanie, Sara, and I tailgating before the show –


And here’s Melanie and I in the pit section, right down by the stage!


We were insanely close to all performers, but most importantly, LUKE BRYAN –


Yes, that’s my hand in the shot just to show how close I was to him. I was dying!

And lastly, here’s Melanie and I basically crawling onto the stage –


Such an amazing show and awesome night!

Aaaaand that would explain my lack of posting yesterday. I was relishing in my brush (well, more like grasp) with fame and spent the day enjoying it.

But today was a busy morning! Mama and I set out early for several errands now that I’m less than a month and a half away from going away to college. We got some bedding, room essentials, and groceries for the giant lunch we needed. Fruit on the go barely sustained us through the long morning! So we decided to lunch on…

MEGA sandwiches! Very vague sounding and generic, I know. But between our long journey from Targets to Bed, Bath, & Beyonds to Macy’s alike and my dad’s own agenda today, it was just what we needed. And because it was just Mama, Papa, and I, we were able to cater to our own sandwich wants and needs! Here’s what you’ll need:

1 small loaf of bread

6 slices bacon

2 oz deli turkey




Cheese (I used Baby Swiss)

Mayo and mustard



Start off by getting that bacon going. Heat up a fry pan that will fit all your meat and once it’s warm enough, lay your slices in there –



Remember to keep a close eye on it! The lower the heat, the better. A higher heat when cooking bacon tends to increase your risk of burning it. Yuck!

Now take your loaf of bread out. This is the 98 cent loaf you can get at Fresh&Easy called the “Rustic Loaf” and it’s one of our favorite! Great deal and even better taste –



Now cut it lengthwise so it ends up looking like this –



Now it’s perfect for preparation! I always start with condiments –



Beautiful! Mayo on one half, and our respective mustards on the other. I’ve told you guys how the parental units and I like to make everything to fit our own tastes, so you’ll notice Grey Poupon on the far left side of the loaf for my father (the mustard snob), and sweet mustard taking over the other section for my mom and I. 

Now for my dad and I, some cheese! We love the Baby Swiss from Trader Joe’s, so some of that gets cut right up –



And put right on –


Now I begin to dress it up with the veggies! Here’s some lettuce –



And tomato and cucumber, both from the Cal Poly Pomona Farm Store!


Isn’t it beautiful? It slices even better!



Just gorgeous! Image

And by this time, my bacon has cooked nice and slow to a nice crisp with a little bit of fat left (that’s for my mom and dad, not me!) –



And it’s ready to be topped on the sandwich with some deli turkey, too!



Whoa, getting dangerously tall there!

Now if you can (and I commend you if you can, it took me a few tries!) put your top half on to show your MONSTER sandwich!



Is that thing huge or what?! My parents just about died when they saw their portions, let alone the whole thing! 

Here was my portion, along with some pepprocinins on the side – 



I had this giant with some strawberry lemonade on the side, and now I think I’m slowly fading into a sandwich coma. 

If I ever come out of this, you’ll see more good eats from me this weekend!





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