Trail blazing

Hey guys!

So to be honest, this post was meant for Sunday morning, but things got hectic, and I’ll explain…

So I’ve been at my college orientation the past few days. Cal Poly Pomona hosted me and about 500 other students to get us ready for the school year in a month and a half and I’m so excited! Here’s the beautiful CLA building with pretty Pomona palm trees in view –



And my new ID card for the next few years, which isn’t too bad in my opinion –

ImageIt was Monday through Wednesday, and because it was 400 miles away, Mama and I set out Sunday morning at about 11 am. And naturally we needed snackies for the road. And that called for…

Homemade trail mix! Not too much culinary skill needed, but very delicious. Great for long, arduous journeys down the I-5 and Grapevine. And can be made bigger and better depending on the amount and quality of your ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need for my recipe:

1/2 c plain raw almonds

1/2 c dry roasted peanuts

1/2 c cashews 

1/2 c raisins 

1/2 c dried cranberries

1 c dried pineapple

1/2 c chocolate chips (I used both semisweet and white)

1/4 c toasted coconut



So the instructions on this recipe are pretty straight forward… But hey, its all very fun! So start with those nuts you’ll be using.

Almonds –



Peanuts –



And cashews –



NOM! Now add in that fruit feature. Get in your raisins –



And cranberries –



Now for the pineapple. I bought a little personal bag of “tidbits” and the pieces were enormous…



So i decided to shop each said “tidbit” into much smaller pieces for the whole trail mix convenience –



Much better! And so sweet. Mmm!

Now for the dessert-esqe toppings. Get in the toasted coconut –



And your mixed cup of chocolate chips –



Perfect! And now that you have all of your tasty treats together, throw it in your bag or other travel container –



Now the fun part… SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!



And TA-DA! Your beautiful homemade trail mix of goooooood! I’ll tell ya, this was amazing, AND it lasted us all the way home last night, too! So very yummy. 

Now that I’m home, you can expect to see more from me. What will I make next?




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