Little ball of fun!


So I’ve been nursing a bad back these past few days. I know, not a fun way to spend the summer 😦 but I have a pinched nerve in my lower back that first attacked a few years ago and has come back. Ouch!

So today I’ve been lounging around, only getting up for necessities: bathroom breaks, water refills, and FOOD! Duh! 

And because I’ve been at home all day, I wanted to avoid boredom eating (which I’ve been prone to do when stuck on the couch) so I made myself…

Protein bites! I’ve shown you guys pictures of these before, but here’s my recipe for them! I’ve seen so many variations on these guys, so feel free to change it up and alter them to your liking! Here’s what you’ll need:

1 c oats

1/2 c peanut butter

1/3 c honey

1/2 c chocolate chips (I used both semisweet and white)

1/3 c coconut 



These can be made in advance and in bulk for on the go energy and protein, or for a yummy snack (like I had today!)

Start with your uncooked oats in a bowl –



Now add all other dry ingredients to it before your wet ones. I combined my semisweet and white chocolate chips to make my 1/2 cup of chips and tossed them right in –


And then my coconut. Heidi and I used some coconut for a recipe the other day and toasted it (uhh, yum!) Here’s our leftovers –


It’s gorgeous, huh? Ahh and sooooo very tasty! Addicting, too. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

I threw it in, too –


Nom, nom, nom!

Now for the wet ingredients for these guys. Add your 1/2 cup of peanut butter –


And your 1/3 cup of honey, as well –


Great! Now you have this lovely hodge podge of stuff –


And it’s beautiful, huh? Now mix it allllll together. But to be honest, it won’t look much different after. Your tell will be it’s consistency: that of wet sand –


Perfect! Now use a portion spoon to make your balls. I use this guy –


Spoon it up and scoop it into your hand –


Not too pretty, but yummy looking, huh? Now use your hands to form little balls or bites out of your portion, which will vary by your spoon. They should end up looking like this –


Yay! Look at that nummy little bite? Well, at my pace, it’s a two-biter, but still great loooking! Here’s my platter of them –

Image Ohh goodness, can I just gobble them all up now? YUM!

Like I said, feel free to change it up to your taste. My mom likes to have raisins in there, and I love to have that coconut! 




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