Going green! (Kind of…)

Hey guys! 

So I hope the title did not mislead you. I am not going green in any way other than vegetables. Sorry for the confusion! Hehe.

Today was my last day of swim lessons at the local pool for the rest of the summer, which means relaxation for the rest of the season! Until college rolls around… Which is soon! Anyway, I was pretty hungry after work and found lots of veggies in the fridge before I decided on…

A Green Goddess sandwich! Green Goddess is traditionally a salad dressing, but I’ve seen some variations of the same veggie medley made into sandwiches, and that’s what i decided to have today! Here’s what you’ll need:

Some bread (I used a whole wheat bun)

1 small avocado

6 slices of cucumber

1 large handful of spinach

1 tbsp feta

Optional: pepperocinis



It’s a very easy assembly! Start by partially toasting your bread and laying it out –



Now spread that avocado on both sides of the toasted bread –



Then your beautiful breads will look like this –



Awesome! Now layer your spinach right onto your avocado laden bread –



Now it’s looking like a sandwich! Next, slice up your cucumber –



And throw it on top of your spinach –



And now it’s time for the final toppings! The gorgeous feta cheese –



And my always-present pepperocinis –



Now top it off, and if you’re satisfied with that, then there you go! A beautiful sandwich –



I, however, wanted to go a bit further with it. So I made mine a panini! How, you ask?



With this bad boy! Our George Foreman grill! We bought this years ago, and it’s a “Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine” and meant to cook meat and suck out all of it’s fat (uhh, no fun!) So we use it as a grill/panini press. Hey, it works!



Awesome! So I threw my sandwich on there –



I let that go for a while, given it has a very low heat and no control over it. And after about 15 minutes, it was ready for my belly –



Voila! Beautiful sandwich, no side necessary –



But afterwards… Heidi and I were naughty and had this little treat after! 



I love Jimmy Fallon, and this ice cream had his seal of approval so we had to try it! And I’ll admit, chocolate covered potato chips aren’t bad. Hmm…





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