Tahoe trip and State Fair fun!

Happy Monday!

So sorry I couldn’t post during my weekend away in Tahoe. I have now found after my two trips since starting the blog that it’s hard to find time to blog during my time away. I’ll try harder next time!

But boy do I have lots to show you guys! So Heidi and I drove up to Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe on Friday morning and were able to stay all the way until Sunday morning. After our drive back, and a nice, long shower, Patrick and I hit the California State Fair for it’s last day. Big weekend!

So let’s start from the beginning: Heidi and I got to Tahoe around noon on Friday, and this was how the lake (and I) looked –



It was a glorious day! About 80 degrees at most, and fabulous sun for my clearly bad tan lines. That night after the beach we went to the cabin we were staying at with our aunt, uncle, cousins, and their friends to wash up before a fun mini golf round. The oldest mini golf course in Lake Tahoe! Too cool. 

Afterwards, we came back for a hefty spaghetti dinner with a great salad and garlic bread. NUM! We then spent the evening playing fun games and got to bed very late that night. Zzzzz…

The next morning, our other cousins joined Heidi and I for a small excursion to Reno. Here’s Anna and I –



We had lots of good laughs in the car! 

We made it back in time for a small lunch before hitting the beach again! Here’s another look –



Ahh so pretty. Anna and I ended up talking a walk to a local 7-11 for afternoon Slurpees that day (yummy!) before everyone headed back to the house. Tonight we had a fabulous Mexican dinner –



What have we here! Blue corn crunchy taco shells holding beans, ground beef, lettuce, cotija cheese, and the guacamole that I made (yes, I couldn’t stay away from the kitchen!), a salad with tomatoes and more cotija cheese (how great is that stuff?!), Spanish style rice, celery, and more guacamole (I really liked my work – hehe!)

And one of my Aunt Cindy’s friends made this fun little cocktail for the adults (I could only watch and admire) –



This is made of vodka, San Pellegrino Pomelo Sparkling Soda, and tonic (she swears that Hansen’s Natural Soda tonic is the only kind worth using anymore). Garnished with a pretty lime wedge and ta-da! How gorgeous is this drink? I heard it was fabulous, but I’ll have to wait until I’m 21 (or until no one’s looking…)

Another fun night of games was enjoyed. Even a night walk was taken by Anna and I, but we quickly turned around because it was a crisp 40 degrees out!

By the morning, Heidi and I were enjoying our last meal with everyone before heading out. This was what I had –


Like the view? I was sure to include it! I had some wheat toast with crunchy peanut butter with banana slices and crushed Special K cereal, some apple slices on the side, and a glass of milk. So lovely!

We headed out before 9 am and made it home in good timing! I had enough time to unpack, shower, nap, and look decent for the time Patrick picked me up for the State Fair! Success!

We started off with a classic Golden Bear picture, adorned with my new hat –



And then we made our way to the farm exhibitions to see the all the cool animals who made their way here!

This beautiful horsey –



This funny alpaca – 



A fuzzy llama –



And these baby piggies –



Too cute, huh!?

Then we walked over to see what food we could devour! It’s a fair, right?

I was conservative this year with my food choices and got the grilled corn –



I covered it with chili powder, cayenne pepper, and Parmesan cheese. Delicious!

By 8 pm, the free concert was beginning and it was one of my new country favorites Randy Houser! I saw him earlier this year at the Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley concert, and it was too cool to see him again. He’s an awesome live performance!

Here’s us on the grass –



After our music for the night, we hit the midway for the rides! Here’s another picture of us –



We spent a long, long afternoon and night at the fair and by 11 at close, we were exhausted! Patrick snapped this one last picture of the night on his panorama feature on his phone with the California Adventures letters from Disneyland –



Pretty cool huh? I liked it!

Well today I was pooped, but I had to muscle through my workout, shift at the pool, and errands before I could come home and enjoy this bad boy –


Baby Caprese (I call it that because of the cherry tomatoes and tiny basil leaves!), some bell peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers, pepperocinis, and homemade breadsticks from Heidi. So very satisfying after my long morning!

Stay tuned for more recipes in the next few days to come!




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