So much summer (in a bowl!)

Hello hello!

I’m back today, as promised, with no technical difficulties! Yay! So today I was STARVING after my shift at work, and I knew a hearty lunch was in order. So what better than a hodge podge of ingredients to make…

A super summer salad! I honestly don’t know what else to call it because there is so much in it that I cannot choose which main ones to name it after. The troubles that plague a chef, sigh!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 c edamame (in pods)

1/2 c black beans

1/2 cob of corn

1/2 c quinoa

Handful of cherry tomatoes

Chopped red pepper, cucumber, and zucchini

Pepperocinis (yum!)



See? So much of everything! So start by cooking the quinoa, which I do in the microwave, by adding your proportion of quinoa and double that of water –



Microwave in intervals of two minutes until it seems cooked. While that microwaves you can get a lot done!

Take your edamames in the pod –



And to take the beans out, give the pod a little squeeze –






POP! Out comes the little bean! And now your next minute or so will be consumed with this task (not the most fun, but it’s worth it!) and put them in your desired salad container –



Next, open your can of black beans, put them in a colander, and rinse them out –



I always make sure to do this because of the weird juice that they sit in whilst in that can. Then, measure out your beans and put them with the edamame –



Great! By this time, my quinoa was all done cooking, so I could add it to the bowl, too –



But now the microwave will go back to work for the corn! Shuck that baby (or in my case, those. We had two ears that desperately needed to be cooked, but I only needed half of one for the salad) –



I cook it by wrapping it in a paper towel and microwaving it for two “Fresh Vegetable” cycles, roughly 4 minutes. 

In that time that the corn cooked, I chopped up all my veggies for the salad – 



And in the bowl they go!



And ding! My corn is done. Now I took it out, chopped my one ear in half and got ready to cut off the kernels –



And I’m sure you’ve done it as a child, but here’s how you take off the kernels –



And that goes in too!



And because it’s my salad, you know these guys are going in –



Pepperpcinis! Hehehe I love them so much. Now mix it all up –



And voila! A beautiful, bountiful salad!

I enjoyed mine with a large heaping of watermelon and a tall glass of Arnold Palmer, and it more than satisfied my quest for a big meal!




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