Overnight delight!

Hi guys!

So I haven’t been around recently because of technical difficulties! I promise you I have tried to post, especially since last time I said I would post more of Heidi and I’s delicious creations! But my email and laptop have not been cooperating with me, and for that I can only apologize briefly. The rest is up to you, Yahoo and Samsung!

So to show my regret, I am going to bombard all of you guys for the next week with recipes everyday! Hooray! And to start that off this is a first-time recipe for me, and one that I’ve been dying to try forever. I’m back to a regular work schedule for these next couple of weeks, which means long (hungry!) mornings. So what better than…

Overnight oats! My friend Christy (you may remember her from my chili post!) has tried these and highly recommended them to me so I tirelessly searched for the perfect recipe for me to try out first. This mean a good hour of Pinterest scrolling after a simple “overnight oats” search. And I came across to TIRAMISU CHEESECAKE overnight oats. Okay, tiramisu is my favorite cake in the world, so you can see why I chose it! Here’s what you’ll need:

1/2 c oats

6 oz (about 3/4 c) plain or vanilla flavored Greek yogurt

1/2 c brewed coffee

1 packet sugar

Vanilla extract


Topping (I used cappuccino chips and banana!)



Now if you’re like me and have searched Pinterest for an overnight oat recipe, you’ll see that everyone and their brother uses these large, beautiful Mason jars to prepare them and, well, these are the only jars we have in my house –



Notice it barely fits in my hand? Yeah, that’s not going to fit all the ingredients very well…

So I used a big tupperware –



Not as fun, but it works! And I was making a double portion so Mama and I could have this lovely breakfast together.

Start by measuring out the oats and placing them in your container of storage –



And add your Greek yogurt to the mix –



Lovely looking goop, huh?

Now add your coffee to the container. I used some vanilla hazelnut flavored brew, which I thought was perfect for tiramisu –



Throw in your sugar packets. I suppose the one who made this recipe was someone on the go and didn’t have time to measure out her sugar, huh? 



Next add in your favoring of vanilla and cinnamon. You’ll notice that I didn’t put any proportions because I always like to add things to my own liking. Do the same –



Now it’s time to mix this lovely mess. At first, it looks like this –



But rest assured, it ends up looking like this –



Not so ugly, huh?

Now cover those babies up, and say goodnight to your oats –

ImageNow come morning, don’t expect a miracle. Your oats still look like this –



So scoop it out into your bowl(s). And this isn’t pretty –



Then dress up your oats like so –


And ta-da! Overnight oats!

I had mine with chocolate milk –



And now I have to be honest. This was the worst thing I have ever cooked/consumed. EVER. As my mother put it, “it looks just like it tastes… Like stucco.” I understand I went through the steps of how to make it but I just ate my breakfast and I was devastated to find this long awaited recipe was a flop.

But this is a food blog, and I am to blog about my food experiences, and well. This was my most recent one.

Now I am off to find another breakfast, wish me luck! 





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