Peppered eggs


Another apology for my prolonged absence! Since Heidi has been home, the Sister Shenanigans have commenced! New day, new shenanigan. She came home Wednesday afternoon, so that night we went line dancing at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill out in Folsom –


And our Solo cups we did fill up! Mine with water of course. So much fun!

The second night, we spent some family time with the Mama and Papa at a River Cats game, our local AAA League Baseball team –


We met up with my uncle Andrew, cousin Kendall, and his friend Grace. And we clearly enjoyed a chilly treat – hehe!

And Friday night, we went for a lovely evening bike ride –


It’s been great having her home, especially since we love to cook together! This morning I took her to Pilates with me at the gym, but that’s at 10 am. And if you’re like me, you wake up a little earlier due to your internal clock. Like 7 am… So I was hungry! And needed some energy before my workout so I had…

Peppered eggs! Now this is not what you’re expecting, and I can’t wait to show you this. If you’ve been with me since the beginning, you might remember my first recipe: egg in toast. This is very similar, but no toast… a slice of bell pepper! Here’s what you’ll need – 

A slice of bell pepper (I used red)

1 egg

Fresh basil

7-9 slices fresh squash

Cooking spray


Start with your bell pepper. Slice it –


But make sure you slice it thick enough that it can hold the entire egg. You don’t want it overflowing over the top!


Perfect! Now spray your pan with the cooking spray –


And toss in your pepper ring –


And crack your egg right in!



Now turn to your fresh squash. Wash and slice it –



I always like to quarter it like this –



Now toss them into the pan with your cooking egg –



Now for your basil! I am still using that basil from the farmers market and loving it. Chop that stuff up –



And add it to your pan in order to let everything meld together nicely –




So keep the heat low to ensure your egg cooks all the way through and that your veggies don’t burn. 

Once you’re sure its fully cooked, its time to plate and eat –



Nom! I put some Tabasco on top and fresh blueberries on the side for my meal. It was full of protein and kept me full through Pilates until we got home for a lovely lunch!

More cooking with Heidi and I to come!





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