Egg muscle muffins

Hello, hello!

It’s a hot one here in Sacramento today. Well, all weekend and into the Fourth of July week actually –



Do you see this? I couldn’t make this up! And yes, at only 8:14 am it was nearly 75 degrees out. THAT HOT!

So obviously, the objective on these days is to get any necessary activity outside of the house done as early as possible; errands, gym time, etc. So shortly after that screenshot was taken, I went off to try a new class at the gym: Body Combat. I liked it! It was a lot like Turbo Kick, which I have done before, but amped up (if that’s possible!) So when I got back home, it was 10 am and 90 out. Ridiculous! And I was pretty hungry for a good breakfast. So I came up with…

Southwest egg muffins! Mix an egg batter like you would for an omelette or a frittata and bake it in small portions. Here’s what you’ll need:

2 eggs

1 1/2 slices bacon, cooked

1/4 c cheese

Red onion to your liking

Cherry tomatoes, sliced

A splash of milk

Optional: jalapeno



Nummy! We used this bacon, which was left over from last night and these ingredients made me feel southwestern. 

Start by cracking the eggs into a bowl –



And throw in the cheese –



And your amount of milk. A splash to you is different than a splash to someone else. Always varies –



Now cut up your ingredients. Onions –



The cooked and drained bacon –



And cherry tomatoes –



And you guys know I can never resist some spice, with those jalapenos –



Perfect! Now toss everything into your bowl, including some spices on top if you want. I used 21 Seasoning Salute –



Now mix it all together with a fork –



And get ready to bake them! I used my favorite little silicon cups like I always do –


So to scoop the mix into the cups, I used a small soup ladle – 



And then you’re done –



Easy! Now bake them for 30 minutes at 350 degrees (I used the toaster oven, so in a large oven it may take a shorter time. Make sure to watch them!) and this is what you’ll get –



Beautiful! Just like little frittatas in pretty shapes. So fun!

I had mine with some raspberries, blackberries, honeydew and watermelon and washed all of that down with some iced pomegranate raspberry black tea. YUMMY!

Due to the heat, expect some easy meals to come that don’t require too much heat but hey, I can’t promise anything!




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