Chili for the chilly!


Sorry I’ve been missing for a few days, but getting back into the swing of work has thrown my last couple days off! 

So today the weather came roaring back to a lovely 90 degrees, but three days ago, on Sunday night, it was cloudy, cool, and called for a warm meal…

Sweet potato and quinoa chili! This vegetarian take on chili is wonderfully filling and has no need for the meat in this go round (we all know I love meat).

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 cup quinoa

1 can black beans

1 sweet potato

1 white onion

6 oz can tomato paste

32 oz vegetable stock

Various herbs and spicings, including chili powder and oregano

2 tb olive oil

5 cloves garlic



Let me tell you a secret… This was my first chili trial! A meatless chili, I know!

It’s super simple, and the addition of meat wouldn’t complicate the process, so add it if you would like!

First, get a large, deep pot for stews and such and put your olive oil in there. Turn the heat on very low just to get it going –



Next, chop up that onion (watch your eyes!) and throw it in –



Now cook that for about a few minutes on the low heat until the onions are brown –



No you add that garlic. If you’re like me, you buy the jar of crushed garlic and can use the measurements on the side of the jar to use the equivalent amount necessary –



Now stir that in and cook for about two minutes –



Perfect! Now open the jar of tomato paste and spoon that into the onion mix and cook for a few minutes before adding in more spicing –





Let that sit on the low heat while you turn to the other ingredients.

First, make the vegetable stock. I used some packets of stock and added it to my 32 ounces of water –



Whatever you choose to use, you’ll end up with this –



Awesome! Set it aside and start with the sweet potato. Peel and clean the potato –



And then chop it into bite-sized pieces for the stew –





Beautiful! Sweet potatoes are sooo yummy. A super food, too!

Lastly, open up the black bean can and rinse them out –



Once you’ve got all of that done, pour each of the items – the stock, beans, and potatoes – into the pot – 






Now you measure out your quinoa –



And throw that last ingredient right into the pot –



Great! Now to make sure both the potatoes and quinoa is cooked, let it sit for 15-25 minutes  to do so. This will be your finished product –



How gorgeous is that?! UGH so good! I served mine up with some avocado right on top –



Beautiful! I had my good friend Christy over that night to enjoy the dinner because she appreciates food just as much as I do 🙂



We even made a delicious frozen peanut butter pie for dessert! NOM!

Thanks for the recipe offered by in this post!




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