Summer sweets and cool treats!

Hi guys!

It was such a promising second day of summer here. Only low 80’s to start the day off but by 4 pm the 90’s hit and the heat set in, yuck!

But I’ve got a way to beat that! With a few cool (and simple – everything has 3-5 ingredients each!) desserts I’ll show ya. To get the ball rolling, let’s go with…

S’mores popsicles! Layered chocolate pudding, marshmallow creme, and crushed graham cracker is quite reminiscent of the campfire treat, without the hot fire!

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 c prepared chocolate pudding (using milk, which is shown)

2 full graham crackers

1 1/2 c marhmallow creme 

OR make your own, like I do! With the items below:

1 1/2 c mini marshmallows

2 tb butter



Start with preparing the pudding –



Stirring in the milk needed –



Then whisk for about two minutes. Here’s how it looks when you start out –



And afterwards –



Perfect! My packaged kind only takes five minutes to set in the fridge, but adjust as necessary. 

Now for the marshmallow creme. If you bought it prepared, skip ahead to mixing in the crushed graham crackers. But here’s how I make marshmallow creme.

Start but putting the butter and mini marshmallows into a small saucepan, going on a medium heat –



If you’ve made rice crispy treats, you’ll find it’s a lot like that!

Just let the butter melt and the two combine, like so –



Until you get the gorgeous goop! YUMMY!

Now you crush the graham crackers, I just use my hands, into the pot –



Once you’re done, begin to mix that mess –



Well shoot, that looks tasty!

At this time, I turned off the stove and pulled out my perfect set pudding. Now get whatever size cups you want to mold this popcicle into to start layering. I used very small ones –



Start with the pudding. I used my tablespoon for an idea of how much we’d be having!



Now for the mallow-graham goop; I used my favorite tiny spatula!



Top it off with pudding, and keep going until you have as many as you want. This was my freezer load for today (Patrick is coming later, so that should make a dent in it) –



Yummy! Now let those freeze for upwards of 5 hours, then peel the paper cup off and enjoy!

So on to my next treat…

Lemon Cool Whip Cookies! These are too cool (hehehe) becauase all you need is:

1 box of lemon cake mix

1 8 oz container of Cool Whip

1 lemon, for juicing


Now I know at this moment you’re like “Whaaaaat,” but seriously. That’s all! These refreshing little cookies are perfect for the summer and are perfect if you know somebody with an egg allergy!

Start with that cake mix right in a bowl –


Now add that whole container of Cool Whip –


Now mix it for a bit. It will look strange, but it should. Kinda like over-churned butter –


Yep, that’s it! Now slice open that lemon –


And juice the entire thing (making sure all seeds are out) into the mix –


And once it’s mixed, it should look like a very rich cream –


Perfect! A bit more appetizing, huh?

Now to bake them, I just used a small hard plastic spoon to get them onto the baking sheet –


And bake them for about 10 minutes, turning halfway at 5 minutes, at 350 degrees.

Now last, but certainly not least…

“Healthy” ice cream sandwiches! I put healthy in quotes because it is healthier than the traditional, but not exactly healthy. Still yummy!

 For these you’ll need:

1 c Cool Whip

7-9 fresh strawberries

3 full graham crackers



I adjusted this recipe to only make 3 – one for each of us!

So is super simple. Throw that Cool Whip in a bowl –



Awesome! Now wash off your berries, core them, and begin to slice (however small you want them) –



Now put them all into the Cool Whip bowl –



And eat! Just kidding! Hahaha no, mix them all together –



Now to assemble! Break up each full graham cracker and set out –



Now dollop the strawberry-whip mix on top of one graham –



Now top it off, using a small spoon to smooth any oozing sides –



Yumyumyum! Now throw those into the freezer as well, but only for an hour.

So after all that work, I get to relax a bit while the cookies bake and the others chill out (sorry, bad pun). And here are my finished products!

The s’mores popcicle –


The lemon Cool Whip cookies – 


And, my favorite, the ice cream sandwich – 


Now each was super simple to make/assemble, and the rewards reaped are well worth the small effort. Great way to cool down all summer long!





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