Summer crunch

Hello, hello!

Happy Summer Solstice! The summer season has finally caught up to the weather around here. Yipee!

In the spirit of the season, and because it’s only 84 degrees out, I decided to go on a bike ride!



Yay! I love my bike more than anything. It’s a fun little beach cruiser that’s orange (my favorite color), yellow, and green (my other two faves!) with flowers alllll over it. Before I got my license I rode that thing all over my region of Sacramento. Now I ride it from time to time, and decided today was one of those days –



So very lovely!

Today I don’t really have a recipe, but rather I am going to show you how I typically make a sandwich, because my bike ride put me in the mood for a nice turkey sandwich! Other than typical assembly, I don’t do anything too special, but check it out!

Here’s what I used:

1 small wheat bun

2 oz turkey breast (I measured on a scale, but it’s about 6-8 slices)

1/4 avocado

8 slices of cucumber

1 small (I’m taking itty bitty) tomato


Mayo and sweet mustard



I started by toasting my bun (you guys know I love toasted buns) –



And while that got all nice and golden brown, I cut my produce. My cucumber –



And my tomato, which we have been growing. Here’s one of them –



They have been a little small but full of flavor! I sliced it right up –



Nom. Once my bun came out of the toaster oven, I dressed it how I always do in my sandwich form – 



Avocado on one side, mayo and sweet mustard take the other. I get the nice fatty flavor from both sides, but cut down on my mayo consumption by using some avocado, a healthier fat option. Perfect!

Now for that turkey. Like I said I weighted out my slices (I’m very into portion control) –



While it is packaged and that tends to be saltier, this is a fat free kind. Yay!

Now the assembly begins. Very important…

I start with the bottom bun, the mayo/mustard one, and put a few tomato and cucumber slices, but make sure to save a few for later. Then add some turkey. Pile on the last of the produce, and a few more turkey slices before my favorite part –



The… PEPPEROCINIS! I love the extra spice on my sandwich, so I go nuts with them. 

Last, the top bun, with avocado, finishes it off –



Now look at that awesome layering! It’s amazing when you bite in and get a little bit of everything, a little bit at a time. 

I had my lovely summer lunch with some fresh watermelon (duh, a summer essential) and a can of Coke (totally an indulgence – I never drink soda!) – 



I had this meal out on the back porch because, miraculously, at 2 pm when I ate it, it was not 110 degrees. Go figure.

So bring it on, summer! I’ve got more cool recipes on the way, including some light desserts tomorrow so tune in for that!




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