More than mush

Good morning!

First off, I wanted to show off the awesome grad gift I got from my best friend yesterday –



A beautiful apron and an item from my wish list – a SILPAT! She IS my best friend! Who else would know to get me kitchen items for going away to school? This, this is a true friend.

I’m feeling especially energized this morning for some reason. I went line dancing last night at Toby Keith’s in Folsom and it was an absolute blast! And although you would think I would be exhausted from that, I went ahead with my 6 am workout this morning and I think that really got me going. This morning’s class felt much more rewarding afterwards – maybe my legs are getting stronger, line dancing and spinning combined!

So I wanted to keep this fun energy going with a protein filled breakfast. Therefore, we have…

Oatmeal Cups! I love baking oatmeal, it puts the dish somewhere between the cooked delight and a baked cookie, and I can dig. This recipe is easy and quick. They can even be made ahead of time and heated up later.

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 cups oats

1/4 ts salt

1 ts baking powder

1/2 cup honey

2 eggs

3/4 c milk

1 stick + 2 tb melted butter

1/4 c chocolate chips
Optional: chopped pecans for topping
See? Few ingredients and its so yummy!
So start off by measuring out those oats –
You’ll notice that my ingredients seem small in scale, and that’s because I’m quatering the recipe today. I usually would make more if Heidi were home but my mom and I don’t need extras lying around, tempting us.
Then add the baking powder and salt –
And give that a quick stir to combine everything well –
Now for the honey. Real quick, can we just admire this –
Our cute little honey pot. Awww! My mom found it at Apple Hill a few years back and I just adore it. Hehe!
Now measure and add that sticky stuff in –
Give it a quick stir until it becomes a chunky mix –
Now add the egg, milk, and melted butter –
Now mix! I’ll warn you, it will be thin and soupy, but it’s supposed to be. That’s why I use this little rubber spatula, because it perfectly scraps the side and helps to scoop it in.
Now add the chocolate chips – more or less on the amount –
Now scoop them into muffin tins either coated with cooking spray or ones lined with muffin wrappers. I have these nifty silicon cups that I can use again and again, so I use those –
Nom! Now I chopped about a quarter cup of pecans just for topping (like I said optional), and threw those on top –
Now bake for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees, give or take a minute or two when you look at them. They should look like this coming out –
See? A little bit more brown on the edges? Nice! This was how I enjoyed mine this morning –
With some vanilla flavored almond milk, sliced banana, and watermelon! 
Lots of protein goodness to kickstart your energy for the day, or, in my case, keep it going!

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