Pork and Chop!

Good Afternoon!

First off, an apology. Here I said I would show more breakfast love and today this is all I have to show –


What I had. Some mixed nuts, an apple, and coffee. It was amazing and perfect to prepare me for today’s bombshell lunch.

Pulled pork sandwiches with Great-Grandma Mary’s coleslaw!

This week, my clients are getting their meal today, Wednesday, due to my absence tomorrow. No problem! But I’m just giving the recipe for my pulled pork because my great-grandmother’s coleslaw recipe is top secret. Sorry guys!

Here’s what you’ll need:

A large pork shoulder (to feed 8 or so, I got a 3 lb one)



Barbecue sauce of your choice

If you make it, you’ll need:


Sweet mustard

Olive oil

White vinegar

Crushed garlic

Brown sugar

(All of the above by eyeballing. Just wing it!)



I always do a mix of barbecue sauces, some store bought and some of my homemade. Makes for a wonderful medley!

Starting the preparation of this meal depends on when you want to serve it. I planned around my clients coming around noon today so I started last night around 11 pm. If you plan to serve it later you can always start in the morning.

Start with that hunk of meat. Unwrap it and put it in your empty crockpot –


Beautiful. I truly love pork. It can be so versatile between its dark and white meat and can be transformed into anything you want!

Now put some barbecue sauce on – not too much – and that’s about good –


I’m TOTALLY kidding! Smother that sucker!


That’s more like it! And that’s just my combination of two different two store bought sauces. I’m still going to make some of my own for the mix, too!

Start with all the ingredients, and, like I said, just eyeball it. Throw it all in –


With a small fork, whisk it all together to make sure you break up the brown sugar lumps –


Wonderful. Now throw that on top of the other sauces, if you choose, and now your pot should look like this –


 Now set it in the crockpot caddy and turn it on low for about 9 hours –



After this little cooking bit, I went to bed. I needed my rest for my 6 am workout this morning!

So around 8 this morning I found this –



This magnificent piece of meat. *Cue angels singing*

So now I transferred the whole shoulder to another plate –



And just leave that sauce alone because you’ll come back to it. Plus, it’s so pretty –



Nomnomnom. Currently drooling…

Using some tongs and a fork, you’ll start to shred the pork. And you’ll find it comes apart so easily – 


Ugh I’m dying. Each piece goes right back into the pot of sauce. After about 30 minutes of shredding (that’s how long it took me at least), you’ll have this gorgeous mass of meat madness –



Now because my clients didn’t come for another 45 minutes, I put it back in the crockpot caddy on low to keep everything nice and warm. 

After the clientele came and went, it was lunchtime for my boyfriend Patrick and I. 

First I heaped that glorious meat atop some toasted buns –



And I love some coleslaw on my sandwich – as well as on the side – so that went on top too – 



Put some more coleslaw on the side, if you’re like me, and there you go –



Pulled pork and coleslaw. What says summer better than that?

This is what Patrick’s looked like. He’s a coleslaw FIEND and loves Great-Grandma Mary’s recipe –



And here’s mine. I had some Arnold Palmer (can you tell my favorite beverage?) and some more of that frozen watermelon. Delicious –



Pure perfection. Ahh…

Well there will be no post tomorrow, but come Friday there will be a lot to see – my finds from the SLO Farmer’s Market, what I make for breakfast from those goodies, and a Spicy Cheeseburger Challenge I can’t wait to try. Stay tuned!




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