Protein packed portions

Good morning!

I realize I have done my fair share of lunches or dinners and haven’t been showing breakfast any love. My bad, breakfast.

So this morning I decided that I would show you guys the kind of pancakes I like to make (because I don’t like traditional pancakes.. Waffles all the way!)…

Protein pancakes! These are also known as Paleo pancakes, as they follow the Paleo diet. Very simple, but I’ll warn you, it does take some time out of your morning. But all worth the wait!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 cup cooked oats

3 egg whites

Cinnamon to taste

Optional: 1 scoop protein powder

Toppings (I used strawberry yogurt and chocolate chips, Mama used light syrup)

Canola oil for cooking



Start by cooking the oats. I cook them in the microwave because it’s faster. Measure out your oats and put them in a tall bowl to cook in case it starts to want to overflow, it can’t!



I love this bowl. We use it for all of our oatmeal needs!

Now put in the water. My package of eats says 1 3/4 cups to the 1 cup of oats –



Cook according to the directions on your package, and your oats will come out looking like this –



Ugh, love it! Now add those egg whites.

If you don’t know how to separate eggs, here’s how:

Start by cracking the egg –



And hold the shell upright. Then take off the top half of the shell and let the yolk settle in the bottom half as the whites run off into the oatmeal bowl. Carefully transfer the yolk into the other shell, allowing more whites to run into the bowl –



Repeat until all whites in are the bowl with the oatmeal, and put the yolk into another bowl. In my case this morning, I used those yolks for a scramble for my dad. You’ll see that dish later.

Once you’ve separated all 3 eggs, add your few dashes of cinnamon to the mix as well –



Perfect! Now mix that all up. You’ll find the mixture is soupy and runny, much like regular pancake mix – which is exactly what you want –



Cooking time! Now heat up your pan with some canola oil –



Make sure the oil is very hot before putting the batter in, or it will absorb all the oil right up. Yuck.

Once you’re sure it’s really hot, scoop it right in –



My pancake looks like this in it’s form –



See how the bubbles form, just like regular pancakes? That’s what you want. Perfect!

After a few minutes, give it the first flip –



And this crisp crust looks (and smells) fabulous!

Repeat until you’ve made enough pancakes of the batter that you want (I only made four between my mom and I, so I put the rest away for tomorrow). Then you get to dress them!

I dressed mine with strawberry yogurt and some chocolate chips for what I like to call a strawberry kiss. I had half a banana on the side and a small glass of almond milk and this meal was super filling and satisfying! 



Mama has the other half of my yogurt with hers and some light syrup on top with her coffee and agreed that this was the perfect breakfast to get the day going. 

Meanwhile, my dad got this (not so) little meal –



Those egg yolks scrambled, topped with cheese, tomatoes, and avocado on a toasted wheat bagel and loved it. 

So breakfast was a success and it’s safe to say that we’re all good on the food front for a few hours now.

I’ll be sure to show more breakfast love in the next few days guys!




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