Cool treats!

Hello, hello!

The 106 degrees of yesterday just warmed us all up (ha!) for a whopping 110 today. I’m jumping for joy (or rather, melting off my couch…)

This morning, my mom, dad, and I drove about 70 miles to Nevada City for my cousin Kendall’s high school graduation. I’ll tell you this was the fastest ceremony EVER – it started at 9 am and the tassels were switching sides and caps were being tossed by 10:45. Awesome! Here’s a picture of Kendall and I –



He’s about two months older than me and we’ve always been very close. Now we’re going off to college, it’s crazy! He’s going to UC Santa Cruz this fall where he will be on the swim team. I’m so proud of him!

After the ceremony, we went to my aunt and uncle’s house for a wonderful barbecue. We ate chips and dip galore (I made the guacamole), fresh berries, bomb burgers, pasta and broccoli salads, ice cream, and cupcakes. Ohh my God. Literally fell into a food coma on the way home – I slept the entire hour long drive!

So when we got back (in time for the Belmont Stakes, my bet on Frac Daddy didn’t amount to much) it was ohh, 110. WHAT. 

It was clear we were not eating anything that much more for the day but about 40 minutes ago my mother and I started to crave something sweet…

Inside out caramel apples! Here’s what you’ll need:

One apple

5-6 baking caramels

A splash of cream or milk (I use almond milk)

Some granola (or oats or other toppings that you choose)



Super easy and the perfect thing if you want a caramel apple but find they’re too hard to make homemade!

First, chop that apple in half –



Now take a metal spoon and scoop out the meat of the apple, leaving about a quarter inch –



Once that’s done… –



…Turn to the caramel! Unwrap them and put them in something microwavable and add that splash of milk or cream on top –



Microwave at 10 second intervals because the quantity is so small and keep a close eye on it. When it’s done, it should look like this –



Now put it in those halved and hollowed apples –



And when it’s full – 



Top it! I used some awesome Quaker granola –



NOM! Now put it in the fridge for about 20 minutes just to set and voila! Inside out caramel apples, so easy and yummy.

It was the perfect fix to the craving and took absolutely no time to whip up. What more could you want?

Until next time…




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