Long day, big sandwich!

Hi guys!

Wednesdays are usually my long days: start with 6 am workout (which also occurs on Tuesday and Thursday, but are followed by mellow days), my part-time job (long shift today!), and another workout at night (I’m kind of a gym rat). Whew! So I get home about 7:30 pm and I’m famished, so I channel that into a filling meal for my family.

Tonight, we had these leftovers to create with –


Remember all that stuff from the chicken and cheese enchilada boats yesterday? Shredded chicken mixed with cheese, red peppers, and jalapenos? The flesh from 4 large zucchinis? Yeah, that’s all gotta be used…

But luckily, I had some new ingredients too –



Bacon! Now to be frank, I don’t understand the complete obsession with bacon in the last few years. Don’t get me wrong, I love this form of meat but I won’t go out of my way to have it and won’t go nuts when it’s offered. But when Popsicle comes home and says “Hey, look what I got from the butcher,” I immediately conjure ideas for it in my head. And that’s precisely what I did tonight, cause we’re having… Chicken and bacon club sandwiches!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1/2 lb bacon

1 breast of chicken

1/3 large cucumber

1 1/2 medium tomatoes

1 avocado

Condiments to your choosing

Bread to your choosing

So sorry I couldn’t get a good picture of all my ingredients together before I began. My dad made the bacon and hasn’t learned my blogging ways yet and well.. You get it. 

But hey, all looks good to me –



He gets away with it this time. Meanwhile, I turn to the sandwich breads.

My family can’t make anything simple. As you guys saw the other day, we all have different lunches (and to be honest, that’s quite frequent). So this was the bread situation tonight –



For me, a wheat bun. For my dad, gourmet wheat loaf. And for my mom, sliced multigrain toast. Yeah, we’re all pretty spoiled – and by each other – which probably isn’t healthy. Whatever.

So I threw that in the toaster oven and tended to our sandwich toppings. Lots and lots of veggies!



English cucumbers? Check –



Gorgeous Hothouse tomatoes? Check –



Perfect Hass avocados? Check (excuse me while I drool…)

Now back to that bacon –



Looking good! 

Now this is the part where I turn the left side of the kitchen sink into a sandwich making station –



See? I cater to each and every one of our little desires. What am I going to do next year in college…

But the assembly isn’t finished before that main component is all done –



I personally love the crispy pieces, so those few in the middle right of the plate went on my sandwich. YUM!

Here was the finished product for each family member –



For the Mama Drama



For the Popsicle



Aaand for the Chef, ME!

As you can see, lots of veggies and protein – perfectly filling after my long day out of the house. Much needed! 

Now I’m headed back to the kitchen so I can start on something that you guys will see all about tomorrow – stay tuned!




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