Southwest heat, Southwest meals

Howdy! Feeling the Southwest mood, as you can probably tell from the title of the post.

I’ve been taking refuge all day in the house (with the exception of work, blech!) listening to my favorite country station to save myself from the heat. This morning, I even enjoyed this yummy little bites –

ImageSoooo good. But more on those another day!

So tonight when I got back from my shift, I decided to channel that country energy into a perfect dinner for my mood and the weather – a Southwestern Orzo Salad!

Here’s what I used:

1/2 cup orzo

1/2 cup black beans

1/2 cup corn

1 whole avocado

1/2 tomato

1/4 cup cheese (I used a Mexican blend) 

Red onion and jalapeno, depending on how much you like

3 tbsp sour cream

Tabasco, again depending how much you want

Optional: grilled chicken breast –

ImageHere’s all my stuff!

Getting this salad together is so easy! Start by cooking the orzo by the directions (it’s a lot like pasta) –Image

So that takes about 9 minutes to cook. While that gets going, turn to the vegetables and deal with those. Chop up that red onion and jalapeno and dice the tomato and avocado. YUMMY!

Then cut up the chicken breast however you like it in your salad. I like mine sliced in strips right on top. This is all my stuff when said and done – 



So much good stuff on one cutting board!

So about now the orzo is done for me! Drain it and throw it in a metal bowl for tossing –

ImagePerfection! I let it cool a little so as to not disturb the other ingredients, then I threw them in right on top –

ImageLet me tell you, preparing this is torture. All I want to do is scarf this down but I know waiting until the end will reap real rewards!

So now the dressing to hold it all together! A homemade chipotle, if you will. I throw the sour cream in



And mix it all up to make sure my consistency is right. It is, so I add the Tabasco right on over it-



I love all things spicy, and Tabasco sauce really hits the spot for me. I don’t know what I’m going to do next year in the dining halls in college! I’m going to have to start carrying a mini bottle with me everywhere so I can always have some on hand. Hehehe…

Right before I serve it, I add that cheese in last second to tame the salad a bit –

ImageNow mix it one last time, throw the chicken in, and voila! Another fabulous meal!



I had mine with some fresh lemonade and ohh boy, it was spicy! But I love the spice, so it hit the spot. I was quite satisfied with my meal and I still had enough for leftovers – score!

Tomorrow is my belated launch party for the blog, so expect lots of recipes… Hooray!









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