Breakfast a la Tessa, or rather.. Egg in Toast

Here’s my first recipe post! Yay!

This is my favorite breakfast to make, and from the reactions I get, it seems to be a favorite around my house.

Welcome to my humble abode – 

ImageMy kitchen *sign* my place of solitude, solace… My favorite place in the house!

So let’s get to breakfast! Here’s what you’ll need:

1 egg, and however much butter you need to cook it

1 piece of toast 

1 generous handful of cheese (your choice, I use a Mexican blend from Fresh&Easy)

2 tomato slices

1/2 of an avocado

1 tbsp jam of your choice

salt and pepper to taste


So the fun with this breakfast is the egg goes IN the toast. Wonderful! Here’s how that works. First you warm the slice of bread in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds to warm it up. Then, take a small drinking glass and cut right in the middle like so – Image

And then you get a pocket for your egg –



Ta da!

Next, place that piece of toast in the frying pan with the butter, and crack in the egg inside and cook the egg as you would. I tend to cook it like this on a low to medium heat in order to keep the toast and egg on the same track.


While that slowly cooks, tend to your yummy veggies! Bust open that avocado –


That’s one of my favorite things to see in the kitchen. I’m an avocado FIEND! Then slice that sucker up and set aside until serving –


Yum yum yum yum…

Then, once your egg is nice and cooked like so –


Sprinkle your handful of cheese on top and allow to melt on the toast and egg. It adds a perfect bit of body to the breakfast!

Once that is melted, transfer that to a plate and then here comes he best part according to my sister Heidi – THE TOAST BUDDY.

Remember that little circle we cut out of the toast? Hope you saved that, cause I loved frying it in the leftover butter –

ImageAnd because of all the savory in this breakfast, I like to add some sweetness to the mix so I put some jam on my toast buddy. I use some homemade strawberry jam from my boyfriend Patrick’s mother, so unfortunately you cannot find the same. So sorry – 

ImageSeriously the best. She plans to enter it in the California State Fair this year!

Once it’s all said and done, this is how my plate looks, garnished with my tomato and avocado slices and some pepperoncinis (my favorite!) – Image

Voila! This is the perfect breakfast for almost anytime – post-workout, post-party night, post anything. Hope you enjoy!






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